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The day has finally arrived, the anticipation of waiting months to see our favourite djs is finally over. You can feel the excitement in the air as me and my best friend waited in line to attend the biggest music festival in Canada, Veld. At the entrance, a long line of people in outrageous and colourful outfits await their turn to be body searched. While waiting in line, an overload of emotions are seen across everyone's faces throughout this venue. As me and my friend were talking, the line started to move slowly. Neared the entrance, where a bouncer standing. He asked for our tickets so we passed them to him. He checked our tickets, and my purse, nodded and let us through the gates. As we enter veld me and my best friend looked at each other with a thrilled look in our eyes knowing today will be a mind blowing and unforgettable night.
We begin to walk fast towards to the stadium as we hear the loud booms of the bass and the screaming of the teenager girls, the sweat of the performers revealed the beginning of the concert. The crowd was full of energy, roaring at every drop the dj plays. House music is enjoyable to an individual, but when it is the sounds of Krewella playing the number one hit “Alive”, the mood changes instantly. The music rouses everyone to their full potential; it's as if the beat is in their souls. There is nothing that tops the emotions that I feel at a rave concert. The energy releases through the singer’s microphone as the raging girls of Krewella jump on stage, and wave their sweaty hair back and forth. The band’s faces are almost completely blocked, as all I can see are dancing figures in front of me as everyone is jumping up and down as adrenaline takes over. From the view on this guy’s shoulders I see...

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...nd champagne everywhere.
Daylight turning into night as the concert went on, the last performer Deadmau5 came on stage with his lit up mouse head to end off this music festival. Looking around the crowd all I could see were diehard fans wearing a replica of the famous mouse head. Regardless of all the people around me, I feel as though Deadmau5 is serenading to me, not the crowd of tired and stinking teenagers. After twenty minutes, everyone’s lungs weakened after screaming the lyrics louder than Deadmau5 himself. Veld was coming to the end as we all looked up into the beautiful sky with big, loud fireworks going off. The fireworks lit up the sky to a magical ending. Deadmau5 ends his set and as I look around me to see everyone giving hugs to their friends, smiling knowing this is the end of a great festival. We all wait for next year’s musical festival, Veld 2014!
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