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Known to the world as a disgraceful, distasteful, and an immoral act of self pleasure, [prostitution] is recognized as a profession. Prostitution is also known to some people as freedom of choice and expression and those who choose that way of life and not allowing the influences of the normal sector to put a damper on their personal decisions (Spector, 2006). It has been around since the beginning of civilization. Not only is prostitution, itself is a controversial issue but defining it appears to have severa interpretations, both legally and socially. Despite the array of meanings, they all move toward defining the gender, personal gain, and the actions of the worker (Flowers, 1998). Because the definition only was pertaing to a certain gender, the term sex worker came into play to define all sexes and not excluding anyone who is associated with the sex world. There is not a specific gender in naming who is a prostitute. Prositutes can be children, women, as well as men. Sex workers come from all walks of life, from the child who was kidnapped and kept as a sex slave to the woman who need a fix, to the man who has experienced a fast way to obtain money. The environment in which prostitutes work are in all areas, the streets, bars, cars, dance clubs, hotel rooms, and private homes (Ditmore, Levy, & Willman, 2010). Sometimes depending on the home environment, the decision to become a prostitute is not a hard one, when there are many negative obstacles and variables that enhance the decision to enter the life of a prostitute (Barry, 1995). There are many
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...t types of prostitution. The areas in which prostitutes work depend on the type of prostitutes, they are. All sex workers have many factors, that causes them to become involved with expressing their sexual desire to prostitute themselves or allow others to “pimp” them. Although there are “classes” in prostitution, they all show signs of [deviance] behavior (Chambliss & Hass, 2012).
Skeezer is a slang term for the lowest type of prostitute. This term is not affixed to the male prostitute, but to the young female prostitute. The typical age group for this type of sex worker is under the age of 25 and [drug]s are the motive in the exchange for sexual pleasures. Mostly crack cocaine, which is considered a drug used by most minority females, is the drug that they prefer to use their bodies to get a temporary fix is a long lasting problem (Chamberliss & Hass, 2012).

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