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Trees, some of them a few thousand years old, have majestically stood on the face of the earth and have silently witnessed the evolution of human civilization. These trees are the living alibis of our pasts, magnificent markers of history. With their unusual shapes, enchanting legends and historical significance, some of these trees have become more than just giant trunks. Listing below ten such trees whose wooden hearts have amazing stories to tell! 1 Haunted Boyington Oak The great Southern oak tree in the town of Mobile, Alabama has its own strange story to tell. This majestic oak has got its name from Charles R.S. Boyington, a young printer who had moved from Connecticut to Mobile in 1833. The young man soon earned the reputation of being a frequent gambler. A few versions of the stories have that Boyington was jobless and was in the lookout for some quick money. On one warm night of May 1834, Boyington was found in the company of a friend, Nathaniel Frost, in the vicinity of Church Street Graveyard on the outskirts of the city. When Nathaniel was found dead in the cemetery premises the next morning, Boyington became the prime suspect. The young man was arrested, declared guilty on the grounds of circumstantial evidences and was convicted to be hanged to death. Boyington, however, maintained till the end that he was innocent. Prior to the hanging, he reportedly declared that an oak tree would grow out of his heart to prove his innocence. Boyington’s body was later buried outside the walls of the cemetery in the Potter's field. True to his words, a big oak tree did grow out of his tombstone in the later years. Boyington's gravestone has eroded over time, but the tree still stands high in its place, perhaps proclaiming the de... ... middle of paper ... ...uld be the reason why these trees are popular centers of tourist attractions. (LINK11) 10 Pub tree What could be more enchanting than a pub inside the hollow of a tree? Sunland Baobab, a six thousand year old tree of South Africa boasts of housing a bar and a wine cellar inside it. The tree is seen to have a unique structure of two hollow trunks being connected by a narrow passage. This pub tree is believed to have been hollowed out due to numerous fires in the trunk caused by natural factors. The tree is said to be around 47 meters in diameter. The bar was opened first in 1933 and is said have 13-foot high ceilings.15 people can comfortably sit and sip their drinks inside this tree pub. Currently the tree is located in a private area owned by Van Heerden family, and is still open to anybody who would like to have a drink in the serenity of its trunk! (LINK 12)

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