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Malaysia’s tourism achieved above expectations in 2013 with tourist receipts of RM65.44 billion, which exceeding the target of RM65 billion. The foreign exchange earnings also grew by 8.1 per cent from RM60.56 billion in 2012, an increase of RM4.89 billion. In terms of tourist arrivals increased by 2.7 per cent to 25.7 million compared to 25.0 million in 2012 (The government of Malaysia, 2014). Meanwhile, Malaysia expects to earn RM168 billion from the targeted 36 million tourists arrivals by 2020 under the Malaysia Tourism Transformation Plan (MTTP). Despite, the factor that leads the success of Malaysia’s tourism is tourism planning and arrangement for tourism development that the government plays greatly important role to the tourism sector, it is evident that the government is attempting to implement the tourism policies and strategies as well as to provide various campaigns and programs in order to achieve the tourism goals.
Tourism Malaysia is increasing its promotional efforts for Visit Malaysia Year, possibly leading to an optimistic expectation for the country. The initial Visit Malaysia Year was performed in 1990, followed by 1994 and the third in 2007 which helped to promote Malaysia to the domestic and overseas market as well as to boost the country’s tourism industry. Now, the Visit Malaysia Year 2004 is the fourth edition in theme of ‘celebrating 1Malaysia Truly Asia’ with over 200 exciting events and festivals all lined up to welcome the world that will be the nation’s biggest and grandest tourism celebration ever. Besides, this promotional campaign is getting the country ready to change attitude to be a tourist-friendly country. The process of campaign impels the entire industry and country to raise the value- add...

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...2 billion, representing 16.1 per cent of total GDP, in terms of employment also provided 1,857,500 jobs for employees in 2013, representing 14.1 per cent of the total workforce and also became a key pillar to the country’s aspiration to be a high-income nation by 2020.
Therefore, tourism industry is as catalyst to impel the businesses' productivity whether urban or rural areas and creates new job opportunities that increase the country's welfare. Besides, the tourism growth will be well supported by the Malaysian government, which has realized the significance of tourism to the overall economic sector. The government has stated that the purpose of current performance in tourism sector is to attract 36 million tourists per year by 2020, and the potential of performance and development tourism industry in Malaysia are well on track to meet this ambitious target.
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