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My first source is Huff Post Green, its a news website for all over the world news. Huff post green talks about what need to be done to stop the extinction of wild life tigers. It gives information on how to bring back and double the population of tigers. One of the country that this website talks about the most for the decrease in the tiger population is China, because of the medicine they use from tigers. The main point of this article is getting the plan ready to save the tigers before 2022.

This source is reliable on how to save the tigers, and what you can do to help. The source are very useful for the topic, if you wanted to know how tigers getting saved, when is the deadline for saving the tigers, and what is the cause this article is a good piece of information, because the goal of this source is the plan on saving the tigers.

I really liked this article for my research, it was helpful on getting started the source give you facts not just what people think can be done or what should be done. Also this source make me look at animals different. People don't realize how important something is until its gone.

My next source is animal plant endanger animals. Right off back this source is a good piece of information its reliable you don't have to worry about lies or being tricked. The whole goal for this article is why the tigers going extinct. The article tell you the season why, the area of the least remaining, and the products being created from the tigers body.

This source go right along with my research, if you want to know solid facts, and the percentage of the tigers or other animals population this source is a helpful source. The information I got from this source g...

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My last source is a book called Can We Save The Tigers by walker books LTD, it was published on 28 June 2012. The author name is Martin Jenkins, illustrated by Vicky White. This book give information on tigers on how they are in danger of becoming extinct. The book feature meticulous research by Martin Jenkins and artwork by Vicky White.

The book is reliable on knowing why the tigers are going extinct, and what go become of the tigers if we don't help save them. Most of the book main goal is informing people on what's happening to them in the wild. Some of the information in the book I can use in my research, but it want be all that helpful, because it's not very useful for facts, but more for persuading people to care about the tigers, informing on how many remaining, and how much time we got before all the tigers is all gone.

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