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The novel Through Black Spruce is an incredible book that shows the real truth and real life scenario of the First Nation community across Canada, it shows the real hardship and struggles the community faces every day and how they overcome it. The presence of the symbolism does give the novel a whole new meaning to it, the symbolism of beaver representing family and how they stick together, this shows Will bird a bush pilot in the novel, his struggles. The symbol of a bear portrays protection and love, proving once again the hardships the characters face throughout the novel and seeking for protection. While the symbol of Gosse represents seeking freedom, taking on a long journey, and seeking someone is what both of the main characters in the novel try to do. In the novel Through Black Spruce by Joseph Boyden, reveals to the reader that symbolism is a self-reflection of the character’s struggles’ and culture which helps the reader understand their own way of living.
In through black spruce the existence of beaver plays a great role, it explains to the reader that it symbolizes family and what family is all about. In the same way do the first nation people in the book and people in Will’s life live, they stick together and up to one other if one is being threatened they defend him. The beaver’s build their homes and live together, they stick together like family unless when times are tough and they can’t stay together like they are being ambushed. After Will pulls an attempt to kill Marius everyone knows Will did it but they still all stand up for him and protect him. This is due to the fact that Marius brings drugs into the community and gives it to the teens in the community, which causes disrupts in the community in the end. The...

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...rst nation individual and not having one of these can cause many problems to the outcome of the that individual later in their life. The symbol of Beaver symbolizing family and what it is all about, how first nation people stick together shows us the struggle that Will and Annie go through to protect their family and who they love. The Symbol of bear showing protection and love conveys to the reader that when Will had those bear’s it was them that defended him from Marius and his gang. Lastly but not least, the symbol of goose in the novel shows freedom and taking on a long difficult journey and not giving up. The book Through Black Spruce written by Joseph Boyden tells the readers that the symbols present in the book shows the readers the struggles and hardships the characters in the novel are facing, which in turn helps the reader understand its own internal self.

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