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Legislations that legalize internet gambling are a contribution to the increase of gambling addicts because of its convenience and its attraction. Internet gambling increases the amount of gambling addicts because it makes gambling so convenient for problem gamblers to just go online anytime and start placing bets on their favorite games like, poker or sports games. Gamblers can gamble more often and quicker, which causes problems because they don’t realize how much they gamble and the amount of fun they have due the quick computer simulation that happens in internet poker games. Another way that internet gambling generates addiction is its attraction. Its attraction is a problem because it doesn’t only tempt gamblers to try this new style of gambling. It also uses pictures and advertisement to make it seem pleasant to attract unrelated people that never gamble to start, it’s proven that internet gambling’s overall presentation attracts women to become addicted and fall in debt(Lythe). Not even mentioning the organized crimes that would be provoked by internet gambling, like laundering illegal money(Morganteen). Thus, legislations that allow internet gambling would lead to negative consequences.
Casino structure is a becoming a problem itself because many little aspects in the casinos that we don’t pay attention to, can become an effort to turn gamblers into addicts. The mere fact that legislation doesn’t require many specific to be built during the construction of casinos like, not requiring windows and clocks inside the casino, is a flaw that contributes to gambling addiction. These little things contribute to gambling addiction because omitting windows or clocks in the casino, is a strategy they use to keep the gambl...

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