Morality And Ethics: Ethical Issues Of Gambling

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Ethical Problems of Gambling Gambling is described as the betting of money or property on the result of an event or game that is mainly random with the desire to win more money or gain additional property. The industry or sector created by the activity of legal gambling is referred to as gaming. Since inception, gambling and gaming has continued to develop to an extent that it worth more than $335 billion across the globe. Most of the revenues obtained in this industry are generated by casinos and lotteries. In the past few years, gambling and gaming have attracted significant concern and controversy, especially with regards to the morality of the practice and whether its financial benefits outweigh the damage. While proponents of gambling …show more content…

As previously mentioned, the issue at the center of the controversy or debate is morality or ethics. Morality or ethics has been at the heart of controversies regarding gambling because some people consider it as unethical. The consideration of gambling as an immoral act is largely attributed to religious beliefs and stigma of obtaining money relatively for nothing. Moreover, the ethical dilemmas and concerns associated with gambling is brought by the emergence of problem gamblers who account for nearly 2.1 percent of total number of gamblers (Kannon, 2012). Therefore, ethical concerns and dilemmas in gambling are fueled by the inherently sinful attitude about the activities, which generate a classical ethical problem from an individual level …show more content…

While ethics has been at the heart of controversies regarding gambling, the ethical problems of gambling are yet to be established or determined. These problems or issues can be determined through the use of ethical theories and perspectives, which help in providing insights on whether gambling is an ethical or unethical behavior. Actually, the determination of a suitable position when addressing the issue of ethical problems of gambling requires the consideration of arguments and counterarguments using ethical theories and perspectives. Ethical theories and perspectives provide the basis for rational evaluation of the morality of gambling in relation to its benefits and harm to the

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