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Hello I am ________ _______, a ghost among the living. I am a spirit, nothing more than an apparition roaming midst the animate. All the normal people instinctively fulfill their destiny, while I without a natural, instructional manual remain divided from the rest. It is as though a glass border restricts me only to observe, never interact. This is the story of my continued state of death. My first acknowledgement of my non-existence was at school. Than it became clear that I am not in tune with everyone else. Desperate, I searched for a role model for guidance. I was under the assumption I had finally succeeded; however contrary to my believe I had achieved nothing. For that reason I tore down my empty empire and gave away all the proceeds. In the spirit of selflessness I devoted everything for my children, but it was to no avail in my quest for my self. I am a defect, a failure. I was never capable of meeting the requirements that constitute a life.
Given these points, lets return to the beginning. No matter what I did I was always wrong when it came to my education. I thought the point of school was to learn. Learn history, acquire knowledge of all vocations, discover how the world works; school seemed so fascinating. I poured hours into my studies. I went above and beyond to do well scholastically. My peers most certainly did not approve. “No Life Loser” chanted my classmates. I shamefully graduated valedictorian with a 4.500 GPA. My humiliating, academic career did not end there. I graduated top of my class with a doctorate from Harvard. It was only afterwards that I found out that I missed out on the college experience. Despite any of my accomplishments I still was not successful. All of my hard work only detracted from my e...

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...ed more preferable. Never before had the distinction between everyone else and my self been clearer. The only difference being that no one pretends to care that a corpse is among them. My body has begun to shut down much like my mind. All of my mistakes kept circling in my head, continuously streaming my documentary of disaster.
Only in the end did I finally understand how to live a life. Do not enlighten yourself because it is not important. Do not enjoy yourself because it is not essential. Do not act as an individual because it is overrated. Do not become successful because it does not make a difference. Do not form a household because it holds you back. I am a no life loser, a waste of life, a charlatan, a corpse. This is the end of my days and I have yet to live a single one. However for something to end, I suppose it would have to have had a beginning.
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