roots vs wings

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Do you want to live where you grew up, or do you want to move away to achieve a new, desired life? I, personally, think that if I stay where I'm currently living my entire life, my future won't be as successful or enjoyable as it could grow to be. Some people tend to feel as if they're permanently "stuck" in their hometown, which appears to be a nightmare to them. They value the life lessons that come from change and from, altogether, new experiences. A lot of people seem to thrive on the stability of familiarity and refuse to leave their home. One's sense of identity is strongly rooted in familiar places, and the memories of childhood remain comfortably present as people grow to maturity. Also, family relationships and connections with friends tend to be intimate and binding. The continuity of the sun rising over the same mountain each morning, or shopping at the same neighborhood grocery store for years creates a subtle, but deeply affective backdrop to some people's lives.People feel that they're trapped at their home just because that's where they've spent the beginnings of their life, unlike me. I, undoubtedly, want to experience the "city life." I enjoy the excitement of change! I don't believe that there is anything to offer me for me to have an enjoyable life if I were to stay here. Where you live, in my opinion, plays a big role in your success and happiness. For example, farmers need to be in the rural areas where they can have fields to plant their crops and be successful. Another example would be, business related jobs would be more successful in larger cities with a greater population to keep the businesses profitable. To be honest, I strongly believe that majority of people's lives would be better if they moved far a... ... middle of paper ... in the city shows you a dark world that is lit by glowing buildings that stretch out for miles. The view is beyond spectacular, and it is one of the most lovable portions of the city, in my opinion. In conclusion, I strongly believe that the city is the absolute best place anyone could live! It supplies everything that anybody could ever ask for, plus so much more. It goes beyond just a place to live; it's a place for success and joy. I have decided that I am moving to the city after I graduate to get my life started. It's a perfect place to spend the rest of your life. Everyone wants to be successful and happy throughout their life, and they should do anything it takes to make it happen. As you think ahead to the life choices you will be facing in a few short years, consider which of these two styles of life seem more appealing to you. Works Cited
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