Suburban Living versus Urban Living

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Suburban Living versus Urban Living In the early nineteenth century, during the Industrial Revolution, Americans gradually began selling their farms and trading the common suburban life with the adventurous fast-pace urban life. Today the majority of the American population chooses to dwell in cities, towns or suburbs; however, there are still many families living the country lifestyle. What influences an individual to select one way of living over another? The area in which one's home is located has effects on their way of life. Urban living and suburban living both have advantages and disadvantages, and these characteristics are what greatly influences peoples' decisions about where they should live. There are many aspects of living in suburban areas that may influence one's decision to live there. Suburban areas consist of primarily upper-class families. The presence of the wealthy families creates an environment with less crime and nicer neighborhoods. Another appealing aspect of suburban living is the peaceful environment. Suburban areas are more secluded and there are not as many closely-knit neighborhoods. Since homes are more secluded, it allows the residence more privacy. It also allows for more freedom. For example, people are allowed to own a larger variety of animals in suburban areas. Suburban living also has a negative side. The lack of convenience access to merchants and businesses is considered by most people a drawback of living in the country. People who choose to live in secluded suburban areas must be willing to travel to urban areas to shop for necessities as well as to enjoy urban entertainment. Suburban living has its peaks as well as its downfalls. To some people the bad aspects override the good ones, and these people choose to live in urban areas. Urban living like suburban living has positive and negative characteristics. The homes found in urban areas are primarily lower class. The absence of extra money creates an environment with more crime and run-down neighborhoods. In inner cities, the homes are found feet from each other. Since people live so close together, it causes the environment to be more disruptive and creates a less peaceful atmosphere. Having neighbors so close by in dangerous neighborhoods can also be a safety feature. It is easier to get help in emergencies if your neighbors are nearby. This may influence a person's decision on living in urban areas.

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