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From a Broken Fragmented Life Comes the Gift That Transforms the Lives of Others Forever Ben Carson is a young African American boy (Jaishon Fisher) lives with his older brother Curtis and mother Sonya (Kimberly Ellis), both boys are being raised by their mother in poverty in Detroit’s ghetto. Their mother Sonya (Kimberly) is raising the boys without the help of their father who is a chronic gambler and abandoned his family when Ben was 9 years old. Sonia is the boys driving force providing her children with her maternal primal protection, positive reinforcements and guild lines, nurturing their belief in God, education and self-worth. Sonia (Kimberly) grew up in foster homes trying to find a way out of the system, she married at the tender age of 13 to the boy’s father, believing that this was her ticket out of foster care system. She only had a third grade education and could barely read or write she was devastated when Her husband left them for his for his first wife that he was still married too. This left her suffering with bouts of depression causing her to neglect her children at times because she could not get out of bed. She provided for her children by laundering other people’s clothes and cleaning homes. For the most part Sonya lived life in a depressive state and had contemplated suicide but the love of her children prevented the fatal act. She thought that she has passed on her bad genes and karma to her sons which caused them to get bad grades in schools. Ben would continually get F’s in class and when he got a D it was cause for celebration. Ben struggled in school he thought he was dumb and had very low self-esteem. He faced racial prejudice and ridicule from his class mates and teachers alike and ... ... middle of paper ... ...ting on a badly injured man without supervision in order to save the man’s life. He later performed a hemispherectomy removing half her brain that cause her seizures improving her quality of life. Became a renowned number one neonatal physician. He was the first doctor who successfully separated conjoined twins saving their lives and sparing their parents of a life of grief. He went on to touch so many families giving them hope and dreams for their children. This movie extends to all demographics and its audience would have taken away a great life values which they can use in their daily lives. It also bounds the thought process of Robert Kubey and Mihly Csikszentmihakyi and the effects of watching TV which revolutionize thought process of both Marie Winn and Steven Johnson who believe television ultimately is education and causes no ill effects to people.

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