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Organized crime is a global problem. It now not only includes the ever so cliché Italian and Sicilian mobsters we all have seen movies based on but now, encompasses the Russian mobesters who left after Soviet Union collapsed. African groups that are escalating the drug trafficking problem. Chinese tongs, Japanese Boryokudan and other Asian crime groups and Eastern European nations that are so big into the human trafficking that is a global epidemic. Organized crime groups can manage to manipulate financial markets, labor unions and even legitimate industries. They bring drugs and raise violence they buy off officials and use extortion and intimidation to keep their unlegitimate enterprises afloat that include prostitution and human trafficking. They cause our countries millions because of fraud and financial scams. Global organized crime brings $1 trillion dollars into their pockets.
It is believed that modern organized crime began in Italy in the 19th Century with the Sicilian group La Cosa Notra and other Sicilian mafia were more powerful than the Italian government. When Mussolini rose to power he ran out the Italian mafia and many fled to the United States.
In 1970, Congress passed the Organized Crime Control Act. The acts purpose was to eradicate organized crime by expanding evidence gathering tools, including more acts as being crimes, enhancing penalties, and allowing the forfeiture of products owned by criminal enterprises. The Rackateer Influenced and Corrupts Organizations Act (RICO) was also a cornerstorne in the fight against organized crime. RICO is a set of statutes that specificially define certain crimes and set a strict guide of punishments for those crimes. Modern organized criminal enterprises make money by ...

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...asian Organized Crime is related to organized crime groups compromised of criminals from the former Soviet Union or Central Union. They operate in many countries globally including the United States. They are more sophistacted and have caused the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars to the United States. They started in the United States with the Vory V Zakone otherwise known as “thieves in law” which were career criminal who banded together for support in the Soviet prison system. When the Soviet Union collapsed these members got in league with corrupt public officials. Organized crime members first emerged in the 1970s when they were allowed to emigrate to Europe, Israel, and the United States. In the United States these groups are involved in many cases of fraud, money laundering, human trafficking, drug trafficking, extortion, auto theft, and prostitution.
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