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“To what extent does personality predict employee performance? How do personality traits translate into individual’s professional careers?” Personality define every human, psychologist suggest that personality has impact on people’s behaviour thus many managers believe that personality is related to job performance ( Buchanan & Huczynski, 2010). McCrae and Costa (1987) published theory of five big personality traits and we are going to look through this theory to indicate correlation between those traits, influence on job performance and how personality factors translate into individual’s professional career. According to some theories (which will be mention subsequently) job performance is affected not only by personality but by other external factors as well. The individual trait may translate into employee performance, each of them have subsets which affect people in professional career. Every trait may be related to specific profession. Judge, Higgins, Thoresen, Murray, Barrick (1999) suggest that Neuroticism, Extraversion, and Conscientiousness are appeared to be most relevant to career success and other two traits are not really related to career success and job performance so if we want to use personality as a predictor to job performance and find out how personality traits affect people in professional careers we have to discuss theories. Personality Buchanan and Huczynski (2010) define personality as the psychological qualities that influence an individual’s characteristic behaviour patterns, in a stable and distinctive manner. Many managers are convinced that personality is related to performance in work and career success. If want to measure personality we have to use assessment, we cannot adopt test to measure persona... ... middle of paper ... ...Stewart (1999) says that to predict Performance we have to use broad traits such as conscientiousness because it have strong correlation with various behaviours so as we look at all this theories we may notice that to predict performance based on personality is possible but it is not in big extent. Personality traits can translate into professional career in many ways. Conscientious people may be good supervisors as when they are well organized, hardworking etc. Extravert employees may be great sellers, Agreeable people may perform great in team so we may expect great results of this team. Personality traits may translate in positive way in professional occupation but they can affect in negative way. Neurotic people when dealing with anxieties and depression, and working for instance as manger may lead to conflicts and negative relation among employees at workplace.
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