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Michael Dell’s hardworking nature as a man began by being a persistent worker as a child. These traits not only made Michael Dell a great man, but an even better businessman. He set goals and raised standards all around the world. Michael Dell is best known as a business leader, entrepreneur, innovator, and contributor to society. People do not realize how great of an effect Michael Dell has had on their lives. He carried technology to a whole new level and made it his own.
Dell was born in Houston, Texas on February 23, 1965 to Lorraine and Alexander Dell. His mother, Lorraine, was a stockbroker; his father, Alexander, was an orthodontist. Dell was fascinated with technology and various gadgets from a very young age. Although his interest centered on technology, his parents pushed him to consider medicine. “At the age of 15, Michael Dell purchased an Apple computer to take it apart and see how it worked.” (Michael Dell e.g.) This made his decision to be a part of the technological world final.
Dell attended the University of Texas immediately after high. While at college, he noticed computer dealers standing on street corners to locate customers. More importantly, he noticed that these same computer dealers had “very high markups, very low service, and inventory everywhere”. (Thorpe, Helen 1) It was then that Dell realized what would become his life’s career. He used a portion of his savings and began to build and sell computers from his dorm room. “His emphasis, however, was not just making good machines but ensuring strong customer support and cheap prices.” (Michael Dell e.g.) Soon after Dell began selling to the students that attended his college, he established new accounts with customers outside of the school as well. It w...

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...t that he was not greedy and boastful makes him a worthy role model. No matter the competition, Dell’s goal was to be number one by researching and developing something new and improved. He was only nineteen years old and made something that is greatly taken advantage of today. Beginning at age fifteen, Dell had purchased and taken apart his first computer. Four years later, he was making and selling his own computers.
Michael Dell has had such an effect on the lives of many all around the world. The people are completely oblivious to where we would be in the technology world if it were not for Michael Dell. From his first job washing dishes at the age of twelve, to being a billionaire by the age of 35, Dell has been a hard worker all through his life. Dell can be called many things: business leader, entrepreneur, innovator, contributor, and let’s not forget… hero.
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