marijuana should not be legalized

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Paper How many times have you heard people fighting over the legalization of marijuana? Both side of the arguments providing very valid points but which one is the correct choice? The on going fight for the legalization of marijuana is going in a circle. Ike brannon argues on the point that legalization still resonates with people beyond the stoner crowd who see marijuana harmless substance and has put millions of Citizens in jail. (16) People who smoke marijuana do not think it is harmless. They think that the governments laws and banning of the drug is the main point creating the ruckus. They also argue on the fact that legalization would bring 10 million dollars in tax money per year on the drug. This is true ,but would the senate or the house legalize a drug that could do more harm than good? Are we putting our money over our minds? In some cases people think that the drug Marijuana can cure or slow down the process of cancer. Victoria Bekiempis says that she has found that marijuana does slow down cancer but not just that, it is very harmful to the user. (N.p.) Some say that marijuana should be legalized because it is not addictive but this statement contains no truth. No, marijuana does not contain an addictive substance but that doesn't mean it couldn't be addictive. Anything in the world can be addictive whether it contains addictive drugs in it or not. Marijuana affects everything about a persons life. It changes their behavior becomes a major part of someones life. Marijuana gets into the minds of anyone who uses them but especially teenagers. A teenagers mind is developing and putting a drug in his mind is a way to destroy their potential and future. Marijuana should never be legalized for anyone. Legalizing it would make the substance available for anyone if it is legalized or not. Marijuana should not be legalized for medical or public use because

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