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There is a world of technology and information at our fingertips. Tablets, computers, Chrome books, iPads etc. are all affordable. Besides, many students today have their own phones that have access to the internet. Technology is everywhere, and it can be very helpful. Many people can access information simply by the touch of a button. However, the issue is should all of this technology be used in the classroom? Is every student having a laptop or iPad beneficial or distracting? I feel that technology should be used in the classroom. Students nowadays are being raised with all of these tools at home, so why should they not be used in the classroom? I know that I use my computer and phone all the time to help with homework or to watch videos of how to do a certain math problem; therefore, students should be able to use these devices in the classroom as well. If used correctly, I feel that technology can open a whole new world for teaching and student interaction. There are many benefits to using technology in the classroom; some are, but not limited to, personalized learning, easier to spend more overall time learning, and easier to track/assess student progress. Technology in the classroom can allow students to have personalized learning. For example, math games can be used at the level of difficulty needed for each individual student, rather than doing a class game where some students may be behind while some may be ahead. Moreover, interactive games on the computer or iPad are far more engaging than a regular book. This can promote the want to review or practice material that requires memorization more outside the classroom, which allows teachers to spend more time in the classroom focusing on problem solving or critical thin... ... middle of paper ... ... digital. Teachers can benefit by being more organized as well. Once everything is on a computer or iPad, the information is just a tap away rather than in some stack of papers in some drawer. There is no longer the worry of losing the homework assignment or having coffee spilt on the original hard copy. I find it so easy to access all of my homework online or through my email. It is so simple to click on a homework page, and start where I left off rather than searching through folders to try to find it. Overall, technology is seen as a challenge, as well as an advantage. It simply all depends on how the technology will be used in the classroom. I feel that it can be particularly helpful by allowing teachers more time in the classroom to teach and by allowing them to be more organized. Technology is endlessly evolving, so why not begin to take advantage of it now?
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