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Watching a good movie is fun, but evaluating a movie and analyzing it to dissect its similarities and differences with a similar movie is much more engaging. The two movies I have recently seen were "Daredevil" and "Elektra" and they are both based off of comic book cartoons. Immediately one can see how these two movies could be similar, but I think that having the movies based off of comics is where their differences truly shine. Between the two movies, I say "Elektra" is better because of several key criteria that I was able to spot: character development, the "all hope is lost" scene, and the special effects.
First, character development which plays a major role throughout both of these movies, and was the largest source of similarities and differences. In "Daredevil" the viewer is first greeted by the present day main character, Matt Murdock, dressed as Daredevil and close to death. He flashes back in time to remember his whole life, and through doing so, one could figure out the character's development. Unlike "Daredevil", "Elektra" began with a opening from the main character, Elektra, as being a strong, beautiful, and ruthless assassin. That difference is also their similarity because the movies portray both main characters as fighting super human vigilantes of some sort. Their individual growths as people are primarily where they are different, but their back stories are almost identical.
Matt starts out as a young child who becomes traumatized by his father's decisions and disabled by toxic waste that blinds him. The special thing about his disability was the fact that all his other senses were heightened as a result of losing one, and those sound frequencies made certain waves that he was able to see with. Having ...

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...ower moves which are known to be impossible so it holds the story together.
From these two movies, "Daredevil" and "Elektra", one can analyze the character's development, the "all hope is lost" scene, and the special effects used to compare and contrast two seemingly inseparable movies. To understand each character one must pay attention to their personality and combine that with how they handle their "all hope is lost" scenario, and all the while adding special effects to enhance the delivery. In doing so the viewer would immediately realize that the mixture of those three elements combined with the story line hurts and helps the movies, respectively. While Matt is a vengeful crusader bent on bringing criminals to justice, Elektra is a ruthless assassin focused on attaining money for an unexplained purpose, but nevertheless still has compassion for others in need.

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