is pornography morally permissible?

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When you hear the word pornography, you most likely don’t link positive things to the word. Pornography seems to have a negative connotation attached to it, and has become a debatable subject in particular in today’s technological advanced age, where it is easier to access pretty much anything. But why has pornography been labelled with such a negative connotation? In my essay i will explore the many views on the subject, such as that of radical Feminists who claim that pornography objectifies women. Then there are consequentialists view, which see pornography as setting a bad example. There is one however, definitive situation where pornography is morally wrong and that is in child pornography There is no definitive way of arguing the question is pornography morally permissible? As there are many differing views on pornography, but how we see it all depends on our individual views, values, beliefs as well as morals.

Why is there such a debate about pornography? Why is pornography seen by most people as morally wrong and frowned upon? It can be assumed because it is a private thing. You wouldn’t do it in a public place, it’s just not in society a right thing to do. Another factor could be that people watching porn don’t want their partners to know that they are watching pornography, maybe because they don’t want to make them feel as they are not satisfying them. Or maybe their not and that’s why some people turn to pornography. Some partners might even see this as cheating. But why do some people see this as cheating? Some suggestions are by DR. Phil “Consider how it makes your partner feel. It makes your partner feel ugly, hurt, deceived, lied to or inadequate. However they are not involved in sexual intercourse. Why is it wro...

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...ficulties, even suicide. There are some arguments however such as by philosopher Richard Heck. He argues “Consider a detective who is viewing a photograph of a naked child in an attempt to establish the identities of the participants.” In this case the pornography is used for evidence. This is plausible but in most cases this is not what child pornography is used for. In essence my belief is that child pornography is not morally permissible because it can effect the person involved in negative ways and is wrong to expose kids to such things as this at a young age.

There are many views on pornography, Such as radical feminists and consequentialists. How we see pornography however (morally permissible, not morally permissible), all depends on our views, values, beliefs, morals. But there is one situation where pornography is morally wrong which is child pornography.
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