Pros And Cons Of Pornography

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Pornography: The raw friction revealed

Pornography viewed as a sin and source of revolting evil to most. They use it to have a source in which all sex crimes, the decline of sexual desire in married men, and a long list of other sexual problems that are present. Then there is my view where I see it as not all evil or all good but rather much like the yin and yang sign yang the black representing good and yin the white representing evil neither one is completely good or evil but has a mix of the latter mixed in. Finally there are people who believe that pornography can be used to fix martial problems and connect with other that have similar interests. This side believes that porn has beneficial properties if the children are educated rather than protected from it. Therefore my thesis is as such if children are educated they are less likely to use or view porn as a sinful and harmful substance; while the others who are shielded from its presence will be oblivious to the problems it can cause and may abuse it but this can be said about either side it really comes down to the individual that is what I believe.
Pornography is not black and white like many biased people would have you believe but rather more of a grey area with varying shades in-between and at each of
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When sexual cues are identified by the brain, a surge of testosterone production is triggered. This testosterone surge heightens sexual anticipation and prepares the body for sexual encounters. What is fascinating is that these cues can be produced by pornography or through sexual fantasizing. So it’s not just what you see that causes the testosterone surge to increase sexual interest, it is also what you dwell on that can produce the surge as well. (William M. Struthers PhD 1st, February 2013

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