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The O3B NETWORKS operational headquarters in The Hague has built a particular section to demonstrate their products' value to customers. This section is called EBC, Executive Briefing Centre. It is managed by the Product Development department. The EBC is well designed and fully customer focused since it plays a vital rule for marketing and demonstrating O3B NETWORKS’s products. The best effort would be made to facilitate the EBC with devices and applications that are being used by O3B NETWORKS-based products. The EBC required a technical person with a background of Information Technology or engineering to setup and design the demonstration environment. I was selected as an intern to perform the assignments that are discussed in more detail in later chapters. 2.2. Problem The O3B NETWORKS MEO satellites concept is new and needed to be designed from scratch with collaboration of satellite vendors. The challenge for the Product Development department is to demonstrate the value of O3B NETWORKS products. The focus is on the difference between O3B NETWORKS and other satellite company’s solutions based on traditional Geosynchronous Satellites. The early concept, on which the EBC was based on, only had the Linux operating system, which was being used for satellite simulators. When O3B NETWORKS satellites are in operational mode, the simulators would be replaced with four different satellite vendors' solutions for the real time demonstration. This setup consisted of satellite modems and IP application devices and two 2.4 meter antennas. I became responsible for setting up and configuring the EBC demo environment network. Another very important task for me was to find applications and analyze TCP/IP traffic on the O3B NETWORKS MEO and... ... middle of paper ... ...H CDM-840 Remote Router • COMTECH CDM-800 Gateway Router • GILAT O3B NETWORKS solution Hub • VIASAT O3B NETWORKS solution • EMC MEO link booster • 2× 3G IPad • 2× 3G Phones • 15× Intel Mini Pcs • 9×Skype Phones • 5×TP-LINK routers running Linux 2.7. Studied Sources 1. Equipment reference manuals • General Dynamics Antenna Control Unit manual • EMC MEO Boosters manual • VIASAT O3B NETWORKS modems • GILAT O3B NETWORKS manuals • COMTECH CDM-800 Gateway Router manual • COMTECH CDM-840 Remote Router manual • COMTECH CDD-880 multi-receiver router manual • COMTECH CDM-760 Advanced High-Speed Trunking Modem manual 2. O3B NETWORKS documents • O3B NETWORKS EBC documents • O3B NETWORKS product development documents • O3B NETWORKS engineering department documents 3. Online material for satellites 4. 5.
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