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One of the reality TV shows that now days people are interested to watch and gives big impact on the society is American Idol. This show does not end with the talent of people, but also having the ability to show their best performance and beauty is important. Having a talent to sing is part of the show, but being able to impress people is the other part. It is important to be fashionable in order to get people’s attention and amaze them. Like Katniss, in Suzanne Collins book show up as a fighter in the Hunger Games. She needs to impress the judges with the talent that she has, but also impress the audience by her beauty to have sponsors help survive the games. The way that the designers and makeup artists are preparing the singers in American Idol and Katniss in The Hunger Games, to be viewed has a big impact of getting sponsors, then talent and power gets involved. In conclusion, people first look at the outfit of the stares, which make them judgmental, and then they look at the power or talent that a person has. Thus beauty and talent is the reason why people are becoming fans and or sponsors to a reality TV show. When Katniss interred the Capitol, from the first day, she had impressed the audience by her faction. Her stylist Cinna made her desirable and outstanding. Everyone is impressed by how beautiful and different Katniss and Peeta are from the other tributes. “No one will forget me. Not my look, not my name. Katniss. The girl who was on fire” (Collins 78). This shows that the choice of being sponsors for Katniss will make her surviving the game in arena. With Cinna’s help, Katniss is looking unforgettable and all the eyes of the Capitol are on her beauty. Cinna, with his faction, helps Katniss to be unique and recogni... ... middle of paper ... ...he power of the stars. Reality TV shows want to make excitement and inters for the fans and sponsors to sport. Having the ability to show a talent is important but also having the ability to give people the look they want and get interested in you is important also. Our society is based on how people will appear in front of the cameras, how they stillest worked on the reality TV stars how they will perform a performance. Beauty and power have the big impact of the people living in our nation and that’s how people become fans of any reality TV shows. Works Cited Colllins Suzanne. The Hunger Games. New York: Scholastic Inc, September 2009. Print. Oberle, Laura. “Dressing Candice Glover: How ‘American Idol’ contestants get their style”. Islandpacket. Web. 8 April. 2014 Ball, Phillip. “Musicians' appearances matter more than their sound”. Nature. Web. 8 April. 2014

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