how did the cell phones and computer changed the world socially

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Throughout the century’s cellphones and computers been playing a big part in society. It help the world grow in many ways but also causing many distractions. A huge help on communicating throughout the world no matter how far. Cells phones and computers has become capable of doing things much faster and effective than before. Every year lots of new updates pops up with many different ideas and attractions. New changes are made every single time just to keep people desire satisfy. Many people use these technologies for every single purposes in life. Today’s society people just want to make life simpler and much easy for themselves. People can almost buy anything online either clothes, gifts and even groceries they can do all that either from home or work. People socialize through computer and live a fantasy life via the internet being omnipresent. With cell phones people block unwanted numbers, shield phone calls using the caller ID or even leaving a voice mail to someone. These technology becomes a great use to busy people and give them a sense of control to their lives (Hanson 2). In our Social life we have been amazingly impacted with Cellphones and Computers in many negative and positive way
The development and history of cellphones can be a little hard since it came out, which was in the 1980’s, they have improve dramatically. There’s been so much improvement to cellphone and so much being made at once that it has put the down the cost of it. One of the biggest changes is the market penetration for the simple fact that in some area there are more phones then people. As most people remember phones was once a huge piece of brick that you cannot fit into the pocket like they do today (History of Mobile/ Cell Phone).
Cellphones h...

... middle of paper ... it up and can get an answer from someone who already been through that. People can express their ideas and creativity for others (The Impact of the Internet on Our Daily Life).
“At any age it is difficult to meet people-but I feel it’s harder in the middle age. If you don’t meet at work, then options are more limited. Most clubs, sports bars, any of those sorts of places are geared to a younger crowd. With internet dating, you can read many profiles and narrow down people to those who have interest in common with you. You can send emails, communicate anonymously, with no risk of hurting anyone, or bring hurt. In middle age most people you meet are married or in a relationship, or have way too much baggage. By using the net you can get a feel for whether or not you are interested in getting to someone without having invested a lot of energy or time”. (Hanson 85)
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