gun control

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Our planet Earth since its inception has seen many changes. From initially being a huge landmass named Pangaea to being drifted into seven different continents, this planet has seen it all. Many new species have taken births and many old species have become extinct, however, the planet has never stopped to evolve. Evolving or evolution is the second nature of our planet. None of the changes incorporated by Mother Nature has put our planet in jeopardy, as these changes were a part of the process of evolution. However, human beings have been successful in devising ways that have not only let down to their own downfall but also of Mother Nature’s and this planet’s. World War I and World War II have been two such devastating catastrophes that have left this planet and its inhabitants reeling. For their own small personal gains, nations have not given even a single thought on attacking others. However, as the time has passed and with the advent of modern hi-tech technology, the quality of warfare has increased too. For the past some decades, we have been able to put a lid on such unwanted tragedies, however, a new kind of small civil war has started all across the globe, particularly in the United States of America. This new kind of face-off is with the gun culture that has become particularly prevalent these days. Let us have a closer look at this gun culture and the reasons for nipping it early.
Although, the term we used was nipping this evil early but many experts feel that we have already lost time. Before understanding the problem, it is important to understand that many of us know the consequences of this gun culture and still this problem is not addressed as seriously as some of the other problems. Let us first understand what...

... middle of paper ... the price of nickels. Every person who dreams of keeping a gun with himself/herself and is not able to do so, traces these illegal centres and pick out the weapons of their choices. Every country should make sure that such illegal gun havens should be immediately burned down.
Human beings have become smarter but their overconfidence is growing at such a rapid speed that they are hell bent on destroying their lives only. They do not understand that life always comes back a full circle. An illegal gun supplier might sell a gun to a twenty year old only to know that the twenty year old carried out a shooting spree in his school where his daughter was also injured. Hence, we all should rise above petty profits and small thinking, so that we can have stringent gun control measures. This would certainly make our planet more peaceful and a happier place to live in.
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