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For my 12th Birthday, my father had gifted me a techno-thriller novel, Digital Fortress written by Dan Brown. For me, the most enticing and gripping part of the novel wasn’t the underlying clandestine mystery, it was the introduction to the world of cryptography, hacking, algorithms and cyber security. As I advanced in the novel the character of the sharp, proactive, National security agency’s cryptographer Susan Fletcher became my inspiration. I read the novel several times more experiencing each time an adrenaline rush. The novel influenced my interests towards computer science as a career path, prompting me to try my hand at puzzles, anagrams, and problem solving. My natural aptitude in these skills gradually developed into a flair for programming and love for codes. I am able to envision a rewarding career in computer science for myself, one that aligns with my skills and passion.

The curriculum at my undergraduate university gave me a comprehensive knowledge of the gamut of computer science disciplines, such as Data Structures, Algorithm Analysis and design, Data mining, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networking, and Computer Architecture. These courses in turn have inspired me to pursue interdisciplinary graduate studies with research.. I feel a natural inclination towards courses related to Database systems, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. To assimilate knowledge on diverse topics I undertook workshops ranging from Ethical Hacking to Haptic Robotics.

The projects that I undertook as an undergraduate helped me to earn a better understanding of algorithm analysis and gain proficiency in the programming languages like C, C++, Java, Linux, SQL. To apply my skills and engage in practical research, I worked ...

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...dergraduate study.

I find the graduate program at USC in harmony with my professional inclination towards Machine Learning and Data Mining. Being equally good in other areas of computer science, completing a masters degree here will enable me to keep a track of the important developments in those areas. My interactions with distinguished faculty members and fellow colleagues and exchange of ideas at an international platform will help me attain my maximum potential. I am completely aware of the dedication and hard work required in a graduate program. A strong conviction in my knowledge and capabilities will help me succeed with the course as well as research work. I hope to not only be a part of your stimulating academic environment but also learn greatly at each stage of my graduate study and make notable contributions to the Department of Computer Science at USC.
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