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I have taken your standpoint against the Health Care Act into consideration; however, I still remain firm in my position. In my experience the new Health Care Act has had a positive impact in my life as well as my family, and I am extremely grateful that it was passed for various reasons. In this letter I have enclosed some of the few pros that made me lean towards the opposite direction. Please know that my intentions are not to overstep your beliefs, as I was once on your side of the fence as well. My first-hand experience, in addition to the research I have done, is the reason I have recently changed positions in this matter. Unfortunately, over the past year my family has experienced some unfortunate events. I never anticipated or prepared to become unemployed, as I have worked since the age of sixteen. Since my unemployment ended, I have only been able to obtain a part time job, and as a result, my husband has had to take on all of the financial responsibilities. Thereafter, my husband's insurance became unaffordable, and my family was soon without coverage for what seemed too ...

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