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Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad Malaysia is a dairy products manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia. Dutch Lady’s target market is people of all ages, ranging from infants to adults. Dutch Lady first started its operation in 1963 as a private joint-stock limited company. Six years after its start-up, Dutch Lady became the first milk company in Malaysia to be listed on the Stock Exchanges of Kuala Lumpur (Bursa Malaysia). Parent company of Dutch Lady is Royal Friesland Campina, one of the largest milk company based in Netherlands. By 2011, Dutch Lady held 40% of national market share for ‘growing-up milk’ in Malaysia.

Products of Dutch Lady
Dutch Lady Malaysia offers wide range of products for both domestic and foreign markets. In the 1960s, Dutch Lady started by offering a single product, a sweetened condensed milk and continued to offer various product innovations to accommodate wider ranges of milk-related products. In year 1986, Dutch Lady produced and supplied sterilized milk in plastic bottles to public. In the same year, Dutch Lady offered 'chilled' milk. Two years later, Dutch Lady developed a market for growing-up milk and yoghurt products. Today, after much effort to offer wider range of products to customers, Dutch Lady’s product ranges from infant nutritional products to growing-up milk and from sweetened condensed milk to fruit and yoghurt beverages.
Besides, Dutch Lady was recognized as the first milk producer to use Ultra High Temperature (UHT) milk processing method in Malaysia which allowed Dutch Lady to use the name UHT milk on its products. Dutch Lady Malaysia is also a large exporter of infant formula, growing up milk products, condensed milk as well as fru...

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.... It is the directors’ responsibility to identify potential risks that the company is likely to face or risks already faced by the company. This is basically to prevent such risk to arise again that may negatively affect the company’s operation. By identifying the risks, it allows the company to prepare step by step solutions to prevent or overcome such risk beforehand. It also allows company to take control of risks before risks affect the company seriously.
The second purpose is to disclose risk faced by the company to public including stakeholders and shareholders. Companies are obliged to disclose all the necessary information that is related to the performance of the company to stakeholders and shareholders. This is probably preventing shareholders to make wrong decisions in their investments due to insufficient information provided by the company.

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