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Knowing how the universe or life began is important; it gives us a sense of purpose. I believe in the evolution creationism theory. Evolution Creationism is a theory defined as “the belief that God guides nature and evolution”. It is a theory that states that science and believing in God compliments each other and shouldn’t be in conflict. I have faith that a supernatural being which is God, made the entire universe.

What we know from church teaching and science is that life was created from nothing. The Bible is considered a book of faith; It contains what God wants to tells us, it contains the teaching on the creation story. In Theology class, it was given emphasized that the bible is inerrant but it doesn’t mean that it should be taken literally word per word. This is the reason why I disagree with the Young Earth Creationism. In reading the Bible, it really entails understanding. It’s like reading a storybook, it may use different styles to show or make the message clearer. That is how literature works. In the creation story, the message there is not that God created everything in just a week. That’s not what we should focus on; we should focus on the message that there is a God who created us, who created everything from nothing.

The Evolution Creationist believes that the bible contains ancient science. It shows that there is a connection between science and God. They are saying that a God builds or guides through science; there is a natural revelation. If you analyze Genesis 1 – 11, you can observe that contains features of ancient science structure, operation, and origin of the universe and life. This part really shows or offers historical record of actual events. As said earlier, the ...

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...s that believe in the existence of God the creator. Indeed the Earth must have scientific explanations, but there must be someone responsible for this and that is God. According to Johannes Keppler, yes, there is a physical force, despite the random things we see there is a pattern. There is a repeating pattern – there is a sense of order in the world. There is a “Eureka” moment where you understand the workings of the universe; the church considers this as something spiritual. This is faith, believing and trusting not just for no reason but because it’s reasonable. Well nothing is 100 percent sure but having faith makes it sure you may not see it but it you can feel it.

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