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In this essay I intend to tell you more about the director Dennis Dungan. Firstly, I will tell you about his childhood. Who Dennis was brought up by. Where he grew up. What kind of Education he had and where he went. Second, I intend to speak about his personal life, whom he married if he had children. Also I will describe his work and what success he had in his career. Thirdly share what I learned about who influenced him. The award he received during his careers in the movies he directed.
Dennis Dugan was born September 5 1946. He was the son of Marion and Charles Dugan. Dennis was born in Wheaton, Illinois. Dad was an insurance sales person. He was the second of four boys. His mom Marion was a stay at home mom, house wife. Dennis had three brothers. Many of Dennis childhood he grew up in Wheaton Illinois. Dennis graduated from Wheaton Central high school in the early 1960. Dennis was a very like in school he was known to be popular. He was very involved with acting in high school, this is where he became passionate about it. Once he graduated he attended Chicago’s Goodman Theater school. He graduated in 1969 from Theater school. After graduation his moved to New York City where he got involved with Broadway. At this time he stared in a Broadway “A Man's Man" and "The House of Blue Leaves”.
During the year 1973 Dennis married actress Joyce Van Pattern . They were married until 1987. After this time Dennis married Sharon O’Connor . In 1990 the couple had a son named Kelly Dugan. Kelly Dugan was about 8 years old when he was used as an extra in a scene in "Big Daddy." Dugan was one of the kids performing in a school play. As Any father Dennis I am sure hoping his son would follow his footsteps , but instead ...

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...r have worked well for many projects.
Another huge influence to Dennis was Gary Martin . Gary is the head of Sony productions. Dennis and Gary have worked together . Dennis and his work good together . Gary is a quote saying this about Dennis “If there are any issues, he’s always willing to work with the studio”
Gary respected Dennis professionalism which enhance a great work environment.
Dennis Dugan has not won an Oscar for his directing at this point . In the 2012 he won the Razzel award . In 2000 and 2008 won the worst director award. Some of the movie that he directed like Jack and Jill did win the Razzel award.
In closing Dennis Dugan has had a very successful career. His movies have grossed over 1 billion dollars. He continues to look for the next project. I am sure we will see more movie directed by him . Dennis Dugan has many years ahead to

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