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In the novel Tracks by Louise Erdrich, there are two narrators telling the story which are Nanapush and Pauline. The story begins in the past and since Nanapush is the first one to come into the story, he becomes the narrator of the novel. Nanapush shares his past with Lulu, who is a Native American as well. He becomes the most appropriate character as a narrator of the story. This is because the story unfolds where natives are dying while the Whites are confiscating their lands or buying them out. Nanapush describes how he rescues Fleur from the house when her parents die “Fleur the one you will not call mother” (pg.2). Nanapush serves as the best narrator for the story because he shows us the condition of Native Americans in the most vivid way “We started dying before the snow, and like the snow, we continued to fall” (pg 20). He begins with narrating the story to his granddaughter about how he rescued her mother. Pauline starts narrating in the second chapter, and in contrast to Nanapush, she has a contradictory view regarding Fleur. This is the reason both are the most suitable n...
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