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Living in the peaceful land of Holland during the 1940's could never prepare the characters in this story for the devastation that was about to unfold. At first this story starts with Anne in a happy environment. Then things take a turn for the worst. This story has many settings over a long period of time, from 1939 to 1945 the war lasted. Through that time the story goes from Holland to a concentration camp then to another concentration camp.

The story is told from the perspective of a young girl named Anne Frank. Anne was a normal Jewish girl who had normal problems like school and boys. She had always daydreamed about being a movie star. She was a very intelligent girl and liked to write. She liked to write so much that if she couldn't be a movie star she wanted to be a writer. Anne was very good at writing and wrote about the things that happened to her, her family and her friend with very unique and detailed wording.

Hannah, like Anne lived in Holland. Also like Anne, Hannah was very friendly to all the people that she met and had many friends. Hannah and Anne were good friends, although Hannah had always teased Anne about being young, because Hannah was a month older than her.

Meip Geis was a friend to Anne. When the franks were in hiding the were brought food by Meip. Meip was somewhat naive to the situations that surrounded her. She did not have the same intelligence or insights that Mr. frank possessed. She was very defiant and outspoken and had many close friends such as Hannah and Anne.

Mr. Frank, the father of Anne was a very good man. He was smart, kind and very caring. Even when times were at there worst in the concentration camp, he help the men in his barracks."He is like a saint" one prisoner said to Anne, while speaking through the gate.

All was well in Holland. Anne had just arrived at Hannah’s to ride bikes together to school. That day when they came home they found German soldiers at their house. They had come to take away their bicycles. Before long many more privileges were taken away from the Jewish people. Then Hannah heard the news that Anne was moving to Switzerland. This news was not true however because Anne had actually gone into hiding .

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