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  • The Holland Tunnel

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    The Holland Tunnel The concept for the Holland Tunnel was developed in 1906.1 In 1906, a coalition of the New York State and New Jersey Interstate Bridge and Tunnel Commission began studies for a bridge connecting lower Manhattan to Jersey City, New Jersey.2 By the end of World War I (1918), the number of cars and trucks on U.S. roads had skyrocketed. This trend did not differ in the streets of New York City.3 At this time the Hudson River ferries were carrying about 30 million vehicles each

  • Holland Tunnel

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    Holland Tunnel It has taken engineers thousands of years to perfect the art of digging tunnels. Today tunnels provide available space for cars and trains, water and sewage, even power and communication lines. However, before cars and trains, tunnels carried only water. The first to use tunnels on a major scale were the Romans. Roman engineers created the most extensive network of tunnels in the ancient world. The Romans built aqueducts to carry water from mountain springs to cities and villages;

  • History Of The New Holland Company

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    1895 was the first year the New Holland name came about, and who could possibly think that about 120 years later, the New Holland Company would be one of the biggest agricultural industries in the world? Many changes have contributed to placing this massive company where they are today, but all the hard work has paid off for the New Holland corporation. New Holland tractors have undergone many changes to make them as advanced as they are today, making them one of the leading agricultural businesses

  • Case Study Of Holland America Line

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    Holland America Line A Signature of Excellence This Research project on Holland America Line will cover 3 main topics 1. The Crew -Positions -Training 2. Passengers -Voyagers Taken -Target Passengers 3. Cruise Liners -Ships in the fleet -New Ships The Holland America Line has been in operation for over 140 years and been a leader in the cruise line industry. It controls 3.5% of all passengers and 5.0% of all revenue in the cruise industry, making it one of the top 10 largest cruise brands in

  • An Analysis of the Two Founders of Career Therapy, John L Holland and Donald E. Super

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    critically compare and contrast the two founders of Career Therapy, John L. Holland and Donald E. Super. Both these theorists spent a life time dedicated to refining helpful tools for use in making vocational choices. Mark Savickas a protégé of Super talks about how both these amazing theorists have influenced his own Narrative approach. “ From Super I learned the importance of the developmental perspective. From Holland I learned that you are wasting your time if you are doing science that doesn’t

  • Holland In The Netherlands

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    Holland is an important a territorial domain which is positioned and former province located on the western coast of the Netherlands. The name Holland is likewise regularly used as a pars pro toto to refer to the entire country of the Netherlands. This kind of usage is usually acknowledged, but many variety of individuals, specifically from the other surroundings of the Netherlands, dislike the use of "Holland" as a second-string for "the Netherlands". From the 10th to the 16th century, Holland

  • The Liberation of Holland

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    Tristen Bourke January, 2013 The Liberation of Holland “Holland is in a humanitarian crisis. Food supplies have run out, and the Germans are no longer able to even provide basic rations to the Dutch population.”(Mark Zuehlke). This was the gravity of the situation. The Netherlands were in dire straits, and needed help. We were that help. Realizing what needed to be done, the high command acted. The Canadians were the driving force for the liberation of the dutch people, through food drops,

  • A History of the Origins of Television

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    BBC had an assured income from all those who owned radio receivers. Reith had established a corporation with aims to inform, educate and entertain the public as a whole, making available cultural experiences that they would otherwise not have seen [HOLLAND, 1997: Page 8]. Up until the 1950s the BBC had a monopoly on broadcasting and it wasn’t until 1951 that various criticisms began to emerge. The 1951 Beveridge report was critical of the stance and arrogance of the BBC and there were even reports

  • Comparison of Seven Beowulf Translations

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    be able to judge each of the two things, words and works” (Donaldson 6). Kevin Crossley-Holland: “one whose mind is ... ... middle of paper ... ... multiple synonyms, vague references, etc. BIBLIOGRAPHY Alexander, Michael. Beowulf A Verse Translation. New York: Penguin Books, 1973. Chickering, Howell D. Beowulf A dual-Language Edition. New York: Anchor Books, 1977. Crossley-Holland, Kevin, trans. Beowulf The Fight at Finnsburh, edited by Heather O’Donoghue. New York: Oxford

  • anne frank

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    DIARY OF ANNE FRANK Living in the peaceful land of Holland during the 1940's could never prepare the characters in this story for the devastation that was about to unfold. At first this story starts with Anne in a happy environment. Then things take a turn for the worst. This story has many settings over a long period of time, from 1939 to 1945 the war lasted. Through that time the story goes from Holland to a concentration camp then to another concentration camp. The story is told from