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I watched the movie called The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The movie was about Mikael Blomkvist who is a journalist and is played by Daniel Craig. After losing in a lawsuit with a corrupt businessman. Dirch Frode who previously had a background check on Mikael from Lisbeth Salanders and invites him to the Vanger estate and greets Mikael. When Mikael arrives he meets Henrik Vanger and explains that he is interested in hiring him to investigate the murder of his niece Harriet who disappeared 40 years ago. After going further in-depth and explaining how on his birthday Harriet would give him a pressed flower every, and believes that the person responsible for the disappearance is someone in the family since he is still receiving the flower. Mikael is reluctant to accept until Henrik offers some information on the lawsuit that Mikael just had against Wennerstorm. Lisbeth was paying a visit to her legal guardian, while there he has a stroke and is rush to hospital. As a child she was ward of the state and is placed under the guardianship of lawyer Nils Bjurman, who takes full control of her finances and forces her to perform sexuail acts on him in exchange for her money. The first time she asks for money from the lawyer. He has her perform fellatio act on him, she was reluctant but consented to it. The time she ask the lawyer has her show up to his house, where he handcuffs her to his bed and proceeds to rape and sodomize her. He was unaware that during this time she was secretly recording it with a hidden camera in her backpack. Mikael is taken up back to Vanger estate where he stays in a cottage and begins his investigation. He first begins with Harriet notebook, which has a list of five names and five digits next to them. He then... ... middle of paper ... ... iron. Martin then proceeds to run to his car to get away but lost control of his car crashed it and died in the explosion. Mikael pays a visit to Anita Vanger who was best friends with Harret. Unaffected by the news Mikael discovers that Anita is in fact Harret. Harret explains that while growing up her father Gottfried would rape her and slater on so would Martin. After fighting back one night and drowning her father, she saw Martin at the parade and was determine to get off the island. Anita smuggled her off the island in the trunk of her car. Mikael tells Henrik the good news that Harret is still alive. Henrik then gives Mikael some evidence that he needs but are useless. But Lisbeth solves Mikael problem by hacking into Wennerstorm laptop and taking all of his funds too. She finds the evidence that Mikael needs and he publish them exposing Wennerstrom again.

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