For more than 60000 years, Aboriginal people have been lived with in the land called “Australia” with out invasion from outside world. However, from 1788 when European first came and settled on the land of Aboriginal as their new habitation which change the Aboriginal people life in many ways. The purpose of this report is to research and discuss about changing of Aboriginal people life after the arrival of the first fleet of European in 1788. This report will discuss the changing of the Aboriginal life from 1788 to 1901, which includes dispossession and protectionism. It will also highlight the struggle for right and freedom of Aboriginal people from 1901 to the present including Assimilation, Integration and Self-determination. In addition, it will identify role and achievement of Chatty Freeman and who influence Aboriginal’s culture to the forefront of society.

1. Aboriginal people of Australia
Aboriginal people are the first people or indigenous people of Australia who first came to Australia in the Ice age period from Southeast Asia. Aboriginal are people with close relationship with land and maintain their link with ancestral Aboriginal spirits for more than ten thousand years. Aboriginal were nomadic hunter and gatherers who would move to find resource in different seasons. In early 1788, there were probably about 500.000 to 1 million Aboriginal people living in Australia.
1.1.Invasion and Settlement of European in 1788.
Captain James Cook found Australia on 29 April 1770. Captain James Cook landed on Botany Bay and named it as New South Wales. However, in 1788 the first fleet of British convicted lead by Captain Arthur Phillip arrived to Australia, which was the beginning of European settlement in Australia. The arriva...

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...dge of under standing between Aboriginal people and Non-Aboriginal people. Mandawuy and the band also achieved the most significant opportunities, which are performing at Sydney Olympics Game’s closing ceremony and the Opening ceremony of Paralympics Game.
4. Conclusion.
As can be seen, from European arrival in 1788 to present days the lives of aboriginal people have been affected in many ways such as suffering with unfamiliar diseases, violence and dispossessed of spiritual land. Aboriginal people also struggled for right and freedom, which struggled against stolen generation and assimilation. However, Aboriginal people began to achieve equality right and freedom as non- Aboriginal people since the referendum in 1967. Therefore, Australian should be considered at this point in order to close the gap between Aboriginal people and Non-Aboriginal people in the future.
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