The History and Culture of Australia

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Australia’s culture is something most people do not know about or understand, but to the people of Australia it is very important. This essay’s purpose is to give a better understanding of its culture specifically its history, government, society and military. Cultural awareness is very important, especially to those who serve in the United States Army for they might encounter them in training or serve together in war. This will benefit all to read and become culturally aware of the country and its people. It is believed that over 50,000 years ago Australians arrived by boat from Southeast Asia. Most 18th century Australians were hunters and gatherers. They had complex oral culture and religious based values on reverence for aboriginal mythology. This mythology, referred to as Dreamtime is in the sacred era and believed that spirits created the world. In 1770, Captain James Cook chartered the east coast of Australia for the British. The First fleet of eleven ships carried 1500 people and half of the colony consisted of convicts all arriving in Sydney Harbor on January 26 1778. In 1868, when penal transportation ended over 160,000 men and women had arrived in Australia as convicts. These criminals arrived because they could not go to America anymore. In the early 1790s, life was hard for prisoners both male and female. The aborigines suffered because of the new settlements when they bought diseases. New settlers in the 1820’s turned land given to them into farms. The aborigines suffered even more when settlers started moving into their territory for work on the farms. In 1825, the Yuggera people settled close to Brisbane. About four years later English settled in Perth and a squatter sailed to Port Phill... ... middle of paper ... ...and is where the country’s largest coal deposits are located. The country of Australia is very resource dependant and with all it has to offer you can see why. Australia experienced an average of 3.5% economic growth over the past 21 years. The countries growing economy features a very low unemployment rate of just 5% and a low debt of $1.397 trillion American Dollars. About 75% of jobs are in the services sector, making it the largest part of Australia’s economy. The open market in Australia has little restriction on imports of goods and services. Australia’s open market has stimulated its economies productivity over the past 21 years as well. Works Cited
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