Youth Sports Research Paper

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Youth sport has played a huge role in developing generation upon generation of America’s youth. With over 44 million youth participating in sports each year, it is obvious that sport is a crucial part of many children’s formative years. Youth sports are considered so vital to a child’s development that the few parents who withhold their kids from youth sport are often ostracized or viewed as negligent. While the benefits that youth receive from participating in youth sport are proven and unquestioned, there are also some drawbacks that are particularly prevalent in youth sport’s current state. Character, fitness, and lifelong bonds and friendships are amongst the most essential benefits that are derived from youth sport. Overinvolved parents, inadequate coaching, and an overemphasis on winning, on the other hand, are chief amongst …show more content…

Youth sports have played an ever-increasing role in childhood development over the past century. Countless youth have discovered precious information about their peers, their abilities, and who they really are their selves, on the playing field. Youth learn precious lessons in sport such as perseverance, fitness, and sportsmanship, which they should hopefully carry with them throughout the rest of their lives. Lifelong friendships are forged on the playing fields as well. Many of my dearest, long-lasting, friendships were forged with my peers in youth sports. Youth sports, when done right, often plays a huge role in developing the well-rounded citizens that our society so desperately needs. Although youth sport is a crucial aspect of childhood development and participation in it should be strongly encouraged,

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