Essay On Importance Of Sports For Students

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Sport is one of the important components in students’ life. This is because sports give many benefits to students. For example, students will be more energetic to accomplish everything and immune system of their body will become stronger. Besides, according to the Ministry of Education Malaysia (2012), the Ministry of Education has given emphasis on the role of sports and co-curricular activities to produce students who are physically, emotionally and intellectually balanced. This is true because sports also help in maintaining a good health, building character, having a good physical coordination and strength. Playing sports in life among student can help in maintaining a good health. First, sports help to prevent obesity among students.…show more content…
First, sports can help students become punctual and discipline people. For example, when students are doing sport like playing football, punctuality is important because it is not good to let other players wait for you. When you arrive on time, it also shows that you are a disciplined person. A punctual and disciplined student will give people a good impression and easily get the trust from others. This is important for the future. Besides, John Wooden stated that characters make who you are but reputation only make people think about you, so you should be more concerned on your character rather than your reputation. He also said that you may get to the top through your ability, but to keep you there, character is needed (Wooden & Jamison, 1997). This shows that having a good character is important in life. Second, doing sports can help students know about teamwork. For instance, when students are doing sports which need other team members, they will learn how to cooperate with each other. From that, they will know how to apply teamwork in daily life such as group assignment, group project, and others. Finally, sports will help to develop the…show more content…
First, sports can help students improve their body coordination. For example, when students play football, the multiple moves such as control the ball, change direction and kick the ball to other players, which are completed with different way and quickness will improve their body flexibility. When players either hit the ball or get a ball from other players, it will improve their Hand-eye coordination (Health, 2015). By improving their body coordination, they will move smoothly and quickly especially when they are controlling a ball. This will be an advantage in a match. Second, sports can help students build muscle strength. For instance, when students play football, all the movements help the body to build strength. Upper body strength uses to screen the ball, keep out the rival and conduct to overall strength and explosiveness while lower body strength uses to hit the ball, take on the ball, rotate the ball, change direction and also build the basis for quickness (Health, 2015). This shows that the whole body can build strength. Indeed, doing sports will help in having a good body flexibility and body
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