Youth Culture And Culture

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Many factors are evident in the decision-making of why anyone wants to drink, especially youth, although society and culture are possibly the two most important factors. These almost-essential factors convey the thoughts and attitudes of a certain individual 's culture, society and essentially their identity. As each society and each culture has their own rules and beliefs on the consumption of alcohol, it is sometimes very hard for adolescents to make up their own minds on whether to consume alcohol or not. This could lead to adolescence drinking from a much undesired early stage of their lives. Societies have a wide range of ideologies surrounding the topic of alcohol. For instance, Australian society is famous around the world for the…show more content…
For example, last year, Sydney situated many all-aged events in their nightclubs with the prohibition of alcohol in the venue at the time. This was conducted in hopes to prove that you don’t need to be drinking in order to have a good time, and to allow youth, as well as adults, to experience such venues without having to connect the thought with alcohol, but instead with the experience itself. Madeleine Kelly, an organiser at this event, states that “Our youth culture is all about going out drinking until 3am and it’s really becoming this massive hazard where our friends are getting hurt and people are dying… We really need to have events where there isn’t alcohol involved and we need to be shown that we can have a good time without having to drink...” This event went exceptionally well, giving Kelly as well as Australia hope that you can break into the stereotype that Australian culture is mainly of an alcoholic nature and prove that theory to be untrue. The event also went to show that rules and guidelines can be put into place in order to prevent Australian adolescents from becoming an alcoholic…show more content…
For example, in Canada, it is illegal to show an advertisement on alcohol if there is a single person in it actually consuming the alcohol, even though everyone knows that’s what happens; whereas in places such as Australia, it’s very rare to see an advertisement that shows anyone not consuming. These different ideologies from these differing cultures lead to a difference in the way its people, both youth and adults alike, behave. Adolescence, especially in this generation, are very dependent on technology, and so advertisements and media portrayal of both the use and misuse of alcoholic products tend to connect to them almost more than words
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