The Overconsumption of Alcohol

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Alcohol has been around since the earliest depths of recorded history. Man has enjoyed its drunken allure since the age of our ancestors. However, they have enjoyed it a little too much. The overconsumption of alcohol by man alike has caused a great deal of grief for them. The abuse of alcohol impairs one’s judgment and can even lead to the death of the drinker. Especially in America. The overconsumption and abuse of the drinking of alcohol has become a serious and dangerous issue in America, and it not only endangers the consumer but the people around and involved with the consumer as well. Laws concerning the consumption of alcohol in America need to be better enforced by the legal authorities due to the negative consequential effects caused by the illegal alcohol consumption.
The populace that alcohol consumption should be a great concern about is the teenage population of America. Teenagers can be very curious and impressionable. So it’s natural if they want to try the sensation of alcohol for the first time. However, teenagers should not be drinking due to the negative health and psychological effects that will hurt them in the long run.
Teenagers run great risk when they decide to drink unsupervised and undergo binge drinking. The effects can be dangerous and even fatal, but not only for the drinker but for their peers as well. Each year, approximately 5,000 young people under 21 die as a result of underage drinking, including 1900 deaths from vehicle crashes, 1600 from homicides, 300 from suicide, and hundreds more from other miscellaneous injuries such as burns, falls, etc. (“Underage Drinking”, 11) These death rates are quite alarming and should be paid more attention to, yet teenagers still want to run the r...

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