Xie Bingying's Problems For Women Is Being A Woman

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The Problem of Women
The greatest problem for women is being a woman. The feminist rally cry, ‘the personal is political’ aims to depict that the many personal problems women face are due to the fact that there are societal oppressions toward them. Xie Bingying’s life gives an amazing depiction of a woman’s struggle between what society and her traditional family want for her and what she wants for herself and her country.
From the start of Bingying’s life the disappoint of her double X chromosome was evident. The first thing her family thought of when she was born was that although she was a very observant excited baby she would not amount to much because it was, “Too bad it’s a girl. If it were a boy he surely would become a big official” (3). She grew up in a traditional family. Her father was very smart and could have joined a government post because he had placed high in the special exams for economics (6). He believed in Confucius and Mencius thinking, traditional morality, like absolute obedience to parents, and old fashion in his thinking but was open to new ideas (5). Her mother was strict and believed in all women should be
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One example of unjust prejudices was that women in the Guangxi Province said to complain, however they “just lowered their heads and worked like cows and horses” (263). Bingying does not even refer to these women as people, they were merely animals doing as they were told. While they were not finical independent, they did support their families by carrying one hundred to two hundred pounds, meanwhile their husbands did mostly nothing (263). Bingying had no interest in impressing her future in-laws to the arranged marriage her parents made. When her mother imprisoned her, she used her notions of revolution to get through
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