Women 's Influence On Women

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In Ancient Greece, women had little to no freedom in their lives. For instance, they had no role in politics, leaving that completely to men, were expected to stay indoors for the majority of their lives doing household work because they were under the control of a male relative, usually being their father or husband, and they were not allowed to study medicine. These standards were set by great writers such as Aristotle who wrote of women being inferior to men. He believed women were more emotional, which is why they would be useless in politics, and they were more deceptive and mischievous. Because only men were doctors, many women were dying during childbirth due to the fact that they felt uncomfortable about having a man handle their pregnancy. Eventually, little by little, gender roles began to change and women were allowed to have a bit more freedom. In 300 B.C.E a woman named Agnodice studied medicine and travelled to Athens to help women during childbirth. Why was Agnodice able to change the gender roles in Ancient Greece after 300 B.C.E? Agnodice was able to change the gender roles in Ancient Greece after 300 B.C.E because she understood the culture and social structure of Greece, had knowledge regarding childbirth, including why many women died during it, and had the determination to inspire women into taking certain matters into their own hands. Writers such as Aristotle are famed for having such insightful knowledge about the world even though they lived in early civilizations. Certain key aspects about their writing that have shaped western culture are highly debatable however. Aristotle wrote a novel that is a primary online source, found on the URL https://books.google.com/books/about/The_Politics_and_Economics_o... ... middle of paper ... ...women in history has led to many cases of insecurity that still exists. The fact that women are paid seventy-five cents for every dollar a man makes is simply another case of discrimination they face today. In conclusion, women have had centuries of refinement and seclusion, unable to do everything they wanted or have a voice of their own. Strong women in society have stood for what they believed in, such as the case of Agnodice in Ancient Greece, 300 BCE. This in turn inspires women to fight for what they thought was right, leading women to have opinions, which are formed from having the right to study and have knowledge. Why was Agnodice able to change gender roles in 300 BCE Ancient Greece? She was able to change gender roles because she had the information regarding childbirth and the Greek social structure, and she had the spirit to fight for what she wanted.

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