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Founded 1965 as University College by the University. Renamed after the Wolfson Foundation in 1972. Men and Women over 21. Mature Undergraduates 168 Postgraduates 526. Originally Wolfson College was called University College as it was established by Cambridge University in 1965 to provide opportunities for established graduates, over the age of 21, to focus on research and additional learning. Both men and women have been accepted since foundation. In 1972 a large benefaction from the Wolfson Foundation was honoured by the name change. A thoroughly modern egalitarian institution with no chapel and no high table emerged, owing little to the olde world colleges. Wolfson is situated some distance beyond the river to the west, about a 20-minute walk to the market square. Its nearest neighbours are Newnham and Selywn. The architecture is a restrained modern style and the site is crisp with well cared for gardens. Most of the rooms are modest and do not boast either oak panelling or exotic Gothic windows, but are comfortable and well equipped, with access to modern kitchens. The early rooms (1970’s) are off traditional Cambridge staircases, whereas the later ones (1990’s) run off corridors. There is a limited provision for married couples and families. Dedicated mature students Wolfson has done much to mine the potential of the university as a place where dedicated postgraduates can be stretched and encouraged in their study and research. The average age of the students is around 26 with as many as 50% coming from abroad representing 70 different countries. This diversity can transform the atmosphere from serene and learned to loud and frenzied during televised international sporting events. Wolfson now admits undergraduates The col... ... middle of paper ... ... authority and excitement. A superb contemporary ribbed glazed tower, complete with dome and lantern. (It really should have been the main entrance and porter’s lodge.) The architects extended this range into the Western Field to provide more accommodation. This section is lifted out of the ordinary by a cupola placed on the roof, which displays a weather vane celebrating Sir Vivian Fuch’s expedition to Antarctica in 1956. The explorer’s house was engulfed in the 1980’s by Wolfson following a phase of expansion. Good community spirit Students talk of a good community spirit where relationships with the staff and porters are friendly and productive. Although regarded as a very civilised and hard working the college does let its hair down occasionally, most notably at the Annual Ball and the Halloween Formal Hall – where rumour has it there was dancing on the tables!

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