Same Sex Marriage Essay

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Professor Munoz
May 4 2014
Injustice Involving Same-sex Partnerships
Same-sex marriage has been a controversial problem throughout history. In the United States, there are 17 states where same-sex marriage is legalized and 33 states where it is not legalized. Even though there is a growth in number of people who supports legal recognition to same-sex marriage, many still oppose it because they consider same-sex marriage is unnatural. In specific, religious groups believe same-sex marriage is the cutting edge of sexual revolution, and such act offends God. As the result, same-sex couples are often denied from their very fundamental right and are discriminated by people around them. In addition, such injustice and discrimination also affects the mental and physical health of many homosexual persons. Even though civil unions in many states are authorized to provide protections for same-sex couples, the injustice and prejudice against homosexuals are nowhere seems to stop.
In the opposition of marriage equality, religious community is the biggest group of people who oppose the cause. Evidently, in the article “Arizona Sparks Debates about Religious Objection to Gay Marriage,” Michael Lipka and David Masci write that “More than half Americans (56%) say same-sex marriage would go against their religious belief.” The statistic clearly shows that religion plays an important role on how people perceive actions as moral or immoral. Unfortunately, gay marriage is immoral because it’s against religious beliefs. In addition, according to Steven Waldman, who is the author of “A Common Misconception,” many religions such as Judaism, Catholic, Islamic, traditional Jews and Muslim say that same-sex marriage does not contribute...

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...ernment” (Wolfson). For one thing, government often only nurtures this relationship if it is between itself, a man and a woman. On the other hand, when it comes to two people in the same gender, government tends to reject this relationship. As a result, homosexual couples’ rights and protections, which are supposed to be provided by federal law, are as well taken away from them. Moreover, some religions also go against same-sex marriage since they think it is “unnatural.” Being repeatedly mistreated lead increasing in health defects among homosexual individuals. Some people might argue same-sex marriage is protected by Civil Union. However, they forget to realize that Civil Union does not provide as much rights and protections as marriage do. In conclusion, same-sex couples deserve to be treated equally and that their relationships should be respected by everyone.
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