Compare And Contrast Winter Dreams And The Great Gatsby

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While going through stories from books from the past that, I have finally choose my two stories that I liked. Out of all the other stories in the world I have chosen mainly these two because the author is wonderful in creating love stories that end in tragedy, and that’s the type of stories that I am interesting in reading. These two stories that I am going to start talking are “Winter Dreams” and “The Great Gatsby” by the author F. Scott Fitzgerald. These two stories take place in the 1900’s. In the beginning these two stories mention these two people Dexter Green and Jay Gatsby. One’s parents owned the second best grocery store and the other was a poor boy whose parents had no money. But these two have a similarity that makes the story better…show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald mentions the following quote “Over on a dark peninsula a piano was playing the songs of last summer and of summers before that songs from “Chin-Chin” and “The Count of Luxemburg” and “The Chocolate Soldier” and because the sound of a piano over a stretch of water had always seemed beautiful to Dexter he lay perfectly quiet and listened” (F. Scott Fitzgerald 191). Another example, in the story “The Great Gatsby” author F. Scott Fitzgerald mentions the following quote “”I know what we’ll do.” said Gatsby, “we’ll have Klipspringer play the piano” (F. Scott Fitzgerald 94). These two quotes are great examples because both Dexter and Gatsby enjoy listening to music but Gatsby he hires a musician and plays for him every time there is a party going on at his house. The theme to me in these two stories are having to do with the American Dream. For the story “Winter Dreams” it is refer to the American Dream that Dexter comes to embody, but success brings a high cost, and social mobility restricts Dexter’s capacity for happiness, and for the story “The Great Gatsby” the American dream was originally about discovery, individualism, and the pursuit of happiness. The Protagonist in these two stories are Dexter Green and Jay Gatsby because they both are the main characters and they play an important role in the story. As for Dexter…show more content…
For “The Great Gatsby” It seems to us that F. Scott Fitzgerald loves winding sentences that begin with one idea, person, or location and end up somewhere else entirely, and for “Winter Dreams” there is a strong sense of time passing. There is a similar tone in these two stories a great example, in this story “Winter Dreams” author F. Scott Fitzgerald mentions the following quote, “During dinner [Judy] slipped into a moody depression which gave Dexter a feeling of uneasiness. Whatever petulance she uttered in her throaty voice worried him. Whatever she smiled at — at him, at a chicken liver, at nothing — it disturbed him that her smile could have no root in mirth, or even in amusement” (F. Scott Fitzgerald 193). Another great example, in the story “The Great Gatsby” author F. Scott Fitzgerald mentions the following quote, “"I love to see you at my table, Nick. You remind me of a – of a rose, an absolute rose. Doesn 't he?" She turned to Miss Baker for confirmation: "An absolute rose?" This was untrue. I am not even faintly like a rose. She was only extemporizing, but a stirring warmth flowed from her, as if her heart was trying to come out to you concealed in one of those breathless, thrilling words. Then suddenly she threw her napkin on the table and excused herself and went into the house” (F. Scott Fitzgerald 14) these two stories have a similar tone because to me the author was trying

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