Windmill Energy is not an Acceptable Energy Source Replacement for California

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Windmill Energy is not an Acceptable Energy Source Replacement for California


Windmill energy is an old form of energy that is now being modernized to generate electricity in our society today. The big question is whether or not it is a feasible replacement of energy for California. Through research it has been concluded that energy for California cannot be produced only by windmill energy. It can produce about 50% of California’s energy. All aspects including, location, cost, and environment are important to how much energy is produced.


From past to current situations, the United States has had to rely more and more on foreign countries to retrieve an efficient amount of fossil fuel. During these times, the production of nuclear energy had come to a halt and foreign energy was used. In 2000- 2001, California went into an energy crisis where there was an increase in the cost of gas and numerous blackouts. There were no longer any low-priced energy sources. Currently, gas prices have been soaring and it is not expected that they will reduce. Due to these circumstances, California has been in need of a more efficient energy source, outside of oil. For current times, an efficient energy source for California can be windmill energy because of its low-cost, California’s enormous coastal areas and locations, and environmental issues.

Wind power has been a part of our lives longer than we have thought. “The Egyptians are believed to be the first to make practical use of wind power. Around 2800

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BC…” (Park, 1981, p.13). Today, wind power can be used to heat up homes, produce electricity, and pump water. Windmills can be made by putting together old car generators. In the past, farmers would use ...

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