William of Ockham's Involvement in The Controversy in the Franciscan Order

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This paper briefly outlines William of Ockham’s life and taking a historical approach, special focus will be on his involvement in the controversy in the Franciscan Order. This will involve the background and circumstances at the time he thrived, the gist of the matter at hand, how he handles the issue, Outcome and consequences. General Observations will be outlined leading to the conclusion. William of Ockham was born at around 1287 in the village of Ockham in Surrey, East London in England. At a tender age of around 9 or 13 years Ockham was given to the Franciscan Order. William studied and later taught at the Oxford University. He was later controversially denounced by Pope John XXII for dangerous teachings as served a House detention in 1324 to 1328. William sided with the Franciscan General against the Pope. In 1328, he fled to Munich and was excommunicated. He died at around 1347 in Munich at Holy Roman Empire. As a Western Philosopher, he belonged to the Medieval Philosophy in the school of Scholasticism. William of Ockham’s notable ideas are Ockham’s Razor, Nominalism (Spade; Kaye). It is noteworthy that William of Ockham was the most important schoolman after Thomas Aquinas. He was Duns Scotus’ student at both Oxford University and at Paris. Scotism and Scotus’ writings in general heavily influenced William but he later rivalled Scotism which was a realist approach by rejecting realism. He did this by being the greatest exponent of the Nominalist school, the leading rival of the Thomist and Schotist schools. As an English Philosopher and Scholastic Theologian, William’s intellectual life is replete with confident redefinition of existing philosophical concepts. William of Ockham is considered one of the most prominent f... ... middle of paper ... ...lumbian History of Western Philosophy. New York: Columbia University Press, 1999. McInery, Ralph. A history of western Philosophy: Upto Ockham Shand, John. Philosophy and philosophers: An Introduction to Western Philosophy. London: UCL Press, 1993. Copleston, Frederick. A Histroy pf Philosophy. Late Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy. Vols 3 Copleston, F.C., 1953. History of Philosophy, Volume III: Ockham to Suarez. London: Search Press Marenbon, John. Routlege History of Philosophy. Medieval Philosophy. vols 3London 1998. Turner, William. "William of Ockham." The Catholic Encyclopedia. Vol. 15. New York: Robert Appleton Company, 1912. 18 Apr. 2011 . Accessed: 28 March 2011. Kaye, Sharon. “William of Ockham (Occam, c.1280 – c.1349)”. (January/3/2007) http://www.iep.utm.edu/ockham/ Accessed: 28 March 2011.

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