William Wordsworth Reflecting On Past

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William Wordsworth Reflecting On Past Envision five years from now. Driving through the streets, where you drove your old friends to places you remember listening to the radio, looking at the stores that once were your favorite hangouts, cruising through your common shortcuts. Clearly you will have remembered great memories and sad ones, and when you come back, both memories will come again at the places where they had happened. Delve into your past; you probably would not be shocked about some things that haven't changed to your hometown, such as the high school is still on the same street or your favorite restaurant still carries the same menu. While you take time to think about yourself five years ago, driving through that street, reminiscing, you most likely will have been surprised to how much hasn't changed since then. Gradually, you have a flashback to how you were as a teenager, the way you saw the environment around you and what was significant.
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