Wilderness Time Reflection: Biblical Imagery For Spiritual Formation

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SF 603 Biblical Imagery for Spiritual Formation Lori Brown February 14, 2015 Wilderness Time Reflection On January 31st I enjoyed eight hours of wilderness time. After getting up early, and completing a few chores, I retired to my room for the day. Goals for my retreat were to get closer to God and be renewed by His presence, and to hear what He might say to me. I looked forward to being alone and being quiet. Before I began, the one concern I had was that I might get distracted and start daydreaming about other things. To help avoid this and provide some structure to my day, I chose to focus on the suggested retreat detailed in Emilie Griffin's book Wilderness Time. The suggested one day retreated focused on renewing one's call; a topic which was perfect for me. I’m so grateful you had such a positive experience. Well done and well planned. As suggested, I read, meditated upon, and answered questions around First Samuel 1:1-28, 2:1-12, and 3:1-19. But it was the fourth reading, First Samuel 2:35 that spoke to me. "I will raise up for myself a faithful priest, who shall do according to what is in my heart and in my mind." I read and reread that verse, even imagining God saying it to me. I felt God was speaking just to me, answering my question about His …show more content…

"Father, I know you have called me to serve you with the passion, gifts, talents, and abilities you have given me. You have raised me up Lord as a faithful priest and I will do according to what is in your heart and in your mind. I commit to serve you Lord. I will go where you tell me to go, say what you tell me to say, and do what you tell me to do." Just as I trusted God would speak to me during this retreat, I also trust Him to lead me in how to serve Him. This is just a portion of my experience with God that day, but the rest I will keep to myself. Amen and

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