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WELCOME TO LETTER NIGHT! Tonight will be your cry night so let everything go and just cry, trust me it will feel so much better. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO CRY. Tonight you are receiving letters from family, friends and people who TRULY LOVE YOU. Take a few deep breaths tonight and really take everything in and hold nothing back. I hope you do not take this the wrong way but I hope your crying your eyes out right now. They do not call it cry night for nothing! I’m sure you want to read them all like I did and fly right through them, but lucky someone wrote to me and told me to SLOW DOWN and take my TIME, please do the same. Tonight was my favorite night because I loved reading all these letters about how I was so loved and the best is yet to come…yes more kairos secrets! Tonight is about realizing YOU ARE SO LOVED. Kairos is such an incredible life changing experience. You will discover new things about your life, your connection with God and form new forever friendships with people who you will least expect to. Don’t think you’re being rude or selfish talk as much as possible; there is never too much talking on Kairos. Make sure you talk to your group and say what you need to say though. You may regret speaking up, so PARTICIPATE in everything, even if you feel uncomfortable and say two words at least you said something and was a part of that activity. Your group is your FAMILY, they are your LIFE, and your SISTERS use them as your rock. Make sure you give advice to your group or anyone on Kairos because one thing you say to someone could change their lives FOREVER. But also remember kairos is different for everyone, not everyone is going to get an amazing experience, it’s what you make of your time at Stella Maris, use your time wise... ... middle of paper ... ..., your family and your shoulder to cry on. I wanted to tell you that there are hundreds on hundreds of people praying for you’re right now as you’re on this retreat! I will always be here for you no matter what. Make sure you enjoy this retreat; it is such an amazing time that will only happen once. I hope you get everything out of this that you would have wanted to happen! Breathe. There is still more to come so don’t just think that it’s going to be over after this. Live this retreat out to its fullest. The little things in life mean the most; they are the most cherishable. Living the fourth has taught me to live with purpose, to say the courageous thing, to celebrate the simple gift and to always keep my head up high and follow my dreams. Let go and let God. Remember LIVE THE FOURTH! Love, Noelle Casinelli XXXIX DOUBT. CRY. TRUST. LIVE.
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