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Today, with all of the advances in technology, our society always looks for ways to make life more efficient for people. However, this common ambition of people seemingly does not apply to the scholarly/educational world. It seems that there has been a reoccurring dispute amongst classrooms over the use of Wikipedia as a reference in research papers. Regardless of what most scholars think, the time has come that society accepts this new type of software as a credible resource of information in our educational journey. Wikipedia should be accepted as a valid reference in the scholarly world because of its overall popularity and growth, accuracy, and potential to become the new face of research worldwide. Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger created Wikipedia in 2001 in order to give people the ability to either obtain or put out quick, understandable information about any sort of topic, ranging from J.R.R. Tolkien’s fictional Middle Earth to the current conflict in Iraq. According to Capocci’s study on Wikipedia growth, Wikipedia’s total amount of articles has more than sextupled (around seven-million total) and the amount of views per day has more than quintupled in the past five years, making it one of the fastest growing and most commonly visited websites on the internet (par. 1). In agreement with Meier, the point that Wikipedia allows anyone to use its information for absolutely no charge or requirement of registration led to it becoming the 6th most visited website in 2009 (1). Also, the research in the Zotero Report on research citations showed how the amount of internal citations for Wikipedia at the least doubles almost every year since 2002 (Spiro 1). In line with this, citations for Wikipedia now outnumber many accepted ... ... middle of paper ... ...1-22. Print. Sanger, Larry M. "The Fate of Expertise After Wikipedia." Episteme. 2009. Web. 27 Mar. 2010. . Spiro, Lisa. "Is Wikipedia Becoming a Respectable Academic Source?" Digital Scholarship in the Humanities. Web. 31 Mar. 2010. is-wikipedia-becoming-a-respectable-academic-source/>. "Wikipedia Changes Editing Policy - PCWorld." Reviews and News on Tech Products, Software and Downloads - PCWorld. Web. 30 Mar. 2010. wikipedia_changes_editing_policy.html>. "Wikipedia Survives Research Test." BBC NEWS | News Front Page. Web. 31 Mar. 2010. . Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc, 2001. Web. 29 Mar. 2010.
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